From Our Patients And Friends

We Are Proud To Offer You The Following Succes Stories:

"After rotator cuff surgery, I was not diligent about my physical therapy. Consequently, I arrived at Hailey Sport & Spine with a very painful and weak shoulder. After the great assessment and evaluation with all the functional tests to find what was wrong, my shoulder needed improved mobility and strength. It was great working with Chip, he didn't just tell me to do something, he told me why I was doing it. I now tell my friends that I feel like I have a new shoulder, where my pain was an 8, and now it is a 0(zero)!!
Thank you, Hailey Sport & Spine!!"
- Gail Kearns

"Here are the things that have improved since coming to your clinic: Range of motion, Flexibility, Ability To Walk (from using a walker to walking stick to free walking), Reduction of pain, Reduction in Swelling, Strength improvement in a number of areas"
~David Hummon

“Mind blowing awareness and wakeup call that sciatic trouble was largely due to weak hips.  Engaging proper stretching and strengthening techniques.  All pain has ceased.  Now on a mission to press forward and get all areas that are not quite normal to way past normal!  Exciting to see progress so quickly.  Encouraged to cruise through golden years with strongest core and hip strength, so sciatica will only be something that happens to others!
~Diana “DeDe” Morris”

Hailey Sport & Spine Physical Therapy