The most remarkable exercise system you've never heard of!!

Active Therapeutic Movement

The ATM2 Concept is used to provide an immediate, significant and lasting increase in range of motion and strength. This is achieved with no time-consuming stretching or any of the common injury-prone strengthening exercises typically used.

To understand how the ATM2 Concept works, one needs to first ask the question: "Why do our global (movement) muscles get stiff to begin with?"

Well, in almost cases, they do NOT get stiff due to anything wrong with the muscles themselves internally.

Usually, they get stiff because the brain wants them to be stiff.

This leads to the next obvious question: "Why does the brain want these muscles to be stiff?"

The answer to this has to do with the muscles that provide core stability. Primarily, the multifidus muscles, which have the primary responsibility of preventing adjoining vertebrae bones in our spine from moving out of their normal ranges, stiffen to prevent any permanent damage to the disks and ligaments between them.

It has been demonstrated very clearly in the research literature that individual multifidus muscles will frequently stop functioning efficiently in the presence of pain (and my guess is that this also happens as we get older). Keep in mind that many of these muscles are tiny: less than half an inch tip-to-tip. As a result of their small size, these muscles lose their mass very quickly. When a person's multifidus muscles are not responsive, the spine becomes very vulnerable, as it has lost the primary mechanism to prevent adjoining vertebrae bones from moving out of bounds.

Luckily for us, our brain is smart enough to detect that there is a problem. So what does the body do? You guessed it: the brain sends a signal to the global muscles to become tight in order to restrict overall movement, which will help protect the spine itself from serious injury.

The point is that the person's tightness and stiffness is not the real problem -- stiffness is actually a protective mechanism preventing the spine from very serious injury!

So based on these research findings, how does the Advanced Therapeutic Movement concept work? Using the ATM2, you re-establish the lines of communications between the brain and the core multifidus muscles so that they can become more responsive. Once this communication happens -- and it takes only 1-2 minutes -- the brain figuratively says to itself: "Aha, my core muscles are now very responsive. Now I do not need as much help from the global muscles in order to protect the spine, so I can release them".

Consequently, the global muscles relax immediately. This translates into a significant and immediate increase in range of motion that actually lasts, as opposed to the typical brute force and risky stretching techniques commonly used in therapy.

The amazing thing about the ATM2 system is that no end-of-range stretching-type exercises are needed to achieve this huge, immediate and lasting increase in range of motion!

The entire ATM2 exercise program only takes a few minutes, and the result is a very significant increases in range of motion for almost all people.

See research and evidence supporting the ATM2 for back pain, sciatica, scoliosis, stenosis, herniated disk and more at

I could go on in great detail explaining how the ATM2 works, but ultimately the clearest explanation comes when you personally feel the outcomes.

So please call me today for a free demonstration session: 208-788-6312.

As a physical therapist I was frustrated with having low back pain for 3 years and mid back/ rib pain for about 8 months. I’d tried PT, exercise, chiropractic, acupuncture and massage but nothing allowed me to garden or clean the house without experiencing moderate to severe pain. I could tell that I wasn’t moving normally but all the previously helpful treatments I’d ever used after any other musculoskeletal injury just weren’t helping me.

I had heard about the ATM2 and found a clinic in Boise that had the device so scheduled visits when I knew I’d be there for consecutive days. After 2 visits for treatment of the mid back/rib pain I was completely pain free for 4-5 weeks!

I’m not big on gadgets and machines, but I immediately bought the ATM2 for my clinic. And of course, I was my first patient! 3 visits over 1 week of use completely restored my trunk rotation mobility and resolved my pain completely to this day.

I was so thrilled that I then tackled the more chronic low back pain. 9 treatments reduced my pain by at least 70% and a few more had me at 95% pain free. I can now garden AND clean in the same day without feeling crippled by pain. Sure, I’m stiff afterward, but what 50 something isn’t!?

Kim Mazik, PT

"I had physical therapy in Hawaii years ago, and in three months I didn't get the results I've gotten with your methods, in just one session! The philosophy of your methods and the equipment you use, and your attention to great detail are impressive. I feel very taken care of and it's easy to trust you. That's a great boon to people who hurt, Kim. Thank you." - J.M., Bellevue, Idaho

“What did you just do to me? I can bend over for the first time in ten days after just 10 minutes on that device! – C.R., Bellevue - after one session on the ATM2

"I have been a patient of Kim Mazik's for many different injuries over the years and have appreciated all the work she has done to make me stronger and healthier. In the recent past I have developed a very painful back and have not been able to move my hips correctly or walk without pain which, in addition to my scoliosis, have made movement difficult. In the past three weeks, I have been working with Kim and The ATM2 device and am thrilled with the results, profound and rather quick. My life has been renewed; in only a short time I am able to walk without pain. I would recommend these treatments to anyone suffering back pain and would be happy to share my experience with this amazing resource. - Judith Walker, Hailey, Idaho

First Visit: Gained approximately 8 inches of forward bending (to do a toe touch). Amazed with improvement in only 20 minutes. After 3 to 4 visits: Significant increase in range of motion in my lower back and decreased pain at work and with recreation. Missed 3 weeks of ATM2 treatments: STILL CONTINUED IMPROVEMENT! I was amazed that I could ride my dirt bike, jet ski and hike without aggravating the back pain. I found that the ATM2 combined with Kim’s skill in diagnosis has been by far the best system I’ve found in 14 years of having low back pain following a skiing accident. Chiropractic, yoga, stretching, core exercise, etc only gave me temporary relief of symptoms and I’d always end up back in the same pain with the same limitations. I highly recommend to anyone with pain that they try the ATM2 diligently for one month to see the difference for themselves. - Dave Bowton, Bellevue, ID


  • Pain must be eliminated: For qualified people, we will use the ATM2 system to reduce or eliminate your painful movement. This normally takes 5 to10 minutes.
  • Pain-free movement: If your pain can be eliminated, we will show you how to do specific pain-free exercises that take only take a few minutes to complete.
  • How does it work?: The ATM2 is an upright treatment table that utilizes 2-4 supportive belts to stabilize your back allowing you to perform specific Active Therapeutic Movements (ATMs) to improve or eliminate your painful movement.
  • Expected outcomes: Based on our experience, we expect 50% to 100% immediate relief in your pain and improvement in the ability to move your neck or back.
  • Follow up: To further decrease your pain (if necessary), and to maintain your pain relief, a few (1-8) follow up sessions may be recommended.
  • On-going Wellness Program: Periodic sessions may also be recommended to maintain low vulnerability to recurrence.


Any painful or impaired movement associated with the following body areas:

  • Neck/Shoulders
  • Back/Sciatica/Stenosis/Scoliosis
  • Pelvis/Hip


  • We will verify your insurance coverage for this type of treatment.
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